Cable Street follows the planning, manufacturing, and installation of a submarine fiber optic cable. Spanning the course of two years, and diverse geographies includinng Germany, China, Cambodia, and the Gulf of Thailand, Cable Street renders the materiality of a network.
Cable Street / 58’ / 4K video / stereo

Operação Lava Jato was a corruption and money laundering scandal that engulfed Brazilian politics in the Spring of 2016. Although the Federal Police have evidence showing the involvement of virtually every political party, The Brazilian Democratic Movement Party [PMDB] used the scandal to remove the incumbent Labor Party [PT], including then President Dilma Rousseff, from power.

Operação Lava Jato translates to Operation Car Wash, referring to the currency exchange and money transfer service at the Posto da Torre (Tower Gas Station) in Brasília that ring of money changers used to to move funds acquired by illicit means.

Operação Lava Jato articulates a complex political situation through the voices of ordinary people by asking local car wash workers, what's the difference between laundering money and washing cars?

Shot in the crowd of protestors at the Republican National Convention that nominated 45 for presidential candidate, Convention shows the clash of right wing pundits, the Westboro Baptists, open-carry advocates, local activists and ANTIFA in Cleveland, Ohio in July, 2016.
Convention / 7’ / Super16 to HD / color / sound